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The chances are good that your house has some sort of gutter system in place to drain your roof – that’s a really good thing! But homes aren’t the only types of buildings that benefit from having gutters. The right gutter system will also serve to direct rain and melted snow off your business or commercial roof, and away from your building’s siding, infrastructure, and foundation. In other words, you need commercial rain gutters too!

So what’s the difference between residential gutters and commercial gutters? Good question! Both residential and commercial gutters share a similar purpose – they both work to drain water off of your roof and then direct it away from your building. The main differences where commercial gutters are concerned mainly revolve around size and scope. Commercial facilities can be significantly larger than residential buildings, so there is often much more square footage of roofing to drain. Commercial buildings also usually have flat or low-slope roofs, so gutters must be designed and mounted to match. In addition, there may be specific local codes and regulations which dictate how commercial roofs should be drained, and where the water goes. The good news? Skywalker Roofing can design, fabricate, and install perfect heavy-duty commercial gutters to suit!

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What Are the Benefits of Having Custom-Fabricated Gutters Installed for Your Commercial Building?

There are quite a few reasons you should choose to place custom seamless gutters on your commercial roof. Here are just a few worth noting:

  • Commercial gutters prevent water from spilling off of your roof and onto your customers, visitors, and employees. Keeping your clients and teammates drier and better protected when entering and exiting your building will serve to boost both your customer experience and your employee experience!
  • Commercial gutters also keep water from pooling on your roof, thus helping to prolong your roof’s longevity.
  • Commercial gutters direct water away from your building effectively, so that it doesn’t lead to foundation problems or cause any unnecessary erosion issues.
  • Commercial gutters can be fabricated in various sizes, styles, and colors. In addition, they can be seamlessly produced from rugged material options, including heavy aluminum, galvalume steel, and copper.
  • Gutter guards can be mounted to your commercial gutters as well, ensuring that they’ll continue to perform in a clog-free, reliable manner. With gutter guards in place, you won’t have to worry about regular gutter clean-outs, either!


Why Seamless Gutters Are Better

When looking up at a mounted gutter from ground level, the differences between sectional gutters and seamless gutters may not be as obvious. But seamless gutters carry many design advantages that are worth noting, and the benefits of choosing seamless commercial gutters are well worth it.

• No Seams Means No Leaks

Seamless gutters are formed from long, unbroken sections of metal which have no seams in the middle.


• Custom Fabricated to Fit Your Roof Perfectly

Sectional gutters are mass-produced, and they aren’t manufactured with your particular roof in mind. With sectional gutters, individual pieces have to be trimmed, connected, and seamed to fit. This approach leaves more opportunities for an installation error, or for something to go wrong later. Skywalker Roofing offers a much better, custom-built, seamless gutter solution! We craft your custom seamless gutters right on site, built to suit the exact measurements and contours of your commercial roof. Installation goes much more smoothly, and this trusted approach leaves much less margin for any errors or problems.

• Seamless Gutters Promote Greater Roof Longevity

Since seamless gutters are considerably less likely to develop leaks, they’ll also perform better in directing water off your roof and away from your building. Leak-free gutter performance also means less chance of water damage to your roof, its support structure, and the rest of your commercial building infrastructure.

• A Sound Investment with Good ROI

While it’s true that seamless gutters aren’t typically the cheapest gutter option, they aren’t as expensive as you think. In fact, seamless gutters aren’t any more expensive than high-end sectional gutters, but their design & performance advantages are clearly superior. The final price tag will depend greatly on which metal material option you choose. For most commercial gutter solutions, galvalume steel, heavy aluminum, and copper are all viable options.


Commercial Gutter Material Choices

Commercial rain gutters are available in most of the same materials which are used for producing residential gutters. It’s a good idea to avoid vinyl for commercial gutters though, since vinyl simply isn’t sturdy enough for most commercial applications. Aluminum is a common choice for residential and commercial gutters alike, thanks to its flexibility and more attractive price point. If you’re considering aluminum for your commercial roof though, make sure to choose a thicker gauge of metal. Copper is beautiful and long-lasting, but the material itself is pretty expensive and the installation process is a bit more involved. For these reasons, copper isn’t typically the most practical choice for large commercial facilities. Galvalume metal and galvanized steel are both fantastic choices for commercial gutters thanks to their significant durability and longevity. And no matter what type of material you prefer, Skywalker has the specialized equipment, know-how, and years of experience to be able to provide an ideal custom seamless gutter solution for any commercial building application!


Which Size & Style of Commercial Gutters & Downspouts Should I Choose?

Commercial facilities typically have much larger roofs than residential buildings. As such, commercial gutters also demand a greater draining capacity. While 5-inch gutters are pretty common for homes, commercial gutters often have diameters of 6, 7, or 8 inches. There are some commercial K-style options, but many building owners and facility managers will just go with commercial box gutters. The box-style gutter is just that; it’s shaped more like a rectangular box, and it features a larger trough that’s designed to handle greater volumes of water. Commercial downspouts are fashioned in a similar manner, and are designed to match the level of water output needed for your commercial gutter system.

To determine the size and capacity needs for your particular commercial roof, certain key factors need to be considered including the square footage of your roof, the roof slope, and the typical weather/climate conditions for your geographical location. If you’re still really not sure which size and style of commercial gutters you need, don’t sweat it – the pros at Skywalker are happy to help assess your gutter needs and make some good recommendations for you. But it doesn’t stop there – we can also craft your custom gutters right on site, and nobody beats our quality of installation workmanship!


What About Commercial Gutter Guards?

You’ve probably heard about gutter guard products for residential roofs. You may even have some gutter guards installed on your own home roof. If you do, then you already know that an effective gutter guard helps take most of the hard work out of gutter maintenance. With gutter guards in place, you don’t have to worry about climbing up on the roof to dig out a clogged gutter – because your gutters won’t get clogged!

But can gutter guards also be placed over commercial gutters? Yes, they can! Just as Skywalker offers residential gutter guard solutions, we’re also happy to install commercial gutter guard solutions that will best suit the needs of your particular facility and location. Some of our featured gutter guards include products from premium makers like Shur Flo, Raindrop, and Leaf Slugger. And you can trust Skywalker to take care of your gutter guard installation the right way, giving the same attention to detail and careful workmanship that we deliver with all of our signature services.


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