Adding Natural Lighting is Great for Illumination


Whether you’re building a new construction or remodeling an existing home or commercial structure, skylight roofing boasts an array of benefits. There are three primary types of skylights — tubular, ventilating, and fixed. Ventilating skylights are often referred to as roof windows. Skylights are available in a wide range of shapes, with the most prominent shapes being pyramid, arched, flat, and domed. The purpose of skylight roofing is to increase the amount of natural light that flows in and through a home. Well-lit spaces are known to possess an enhanced sense of comfort, and studies show natural lighting can improve a person’s health.

In addition to various shapes and types, there are different types of glazing materials to choose from when taking advantage of commercial skylight installation. Your budget and preferences will help pinpoint which material is best. The three options for glazing material are plastic, glass, and solar-heat control. Plastic glazing tends to come in the form of acrylics and serves as an economical and sturdy choice. However, unless the plastic glazing has a special coating applied, it will likely turn yellow over time, and the amount of UV radiation that can enter through the skylights will also increase. To achieve enhanced durability and improved longevity, it is advised to opt for skylight roofing with a glass glaze. If you’re wanting to install skylight roofing that is also energy efficient, then solar-heat control glazing will be the best choice.

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Furthermore, commercial skylights for flat roofs and other roofing types require you to pick between different types of light shafts. Each type provides a unique look. Flared light shafts can make a dim space even brighter, thanks to their angled ability to spread light beams to more parts of the room. Straight light shafts are recommended to be installed in spaces that feature a flat ceiling, as well as in rooms where there is little ceiling space. These light shafts should also be used in spots where there is some type of installation obstacle, like a fireplace with a chimney.

Benefits of Skylight Roofing

There are numerous benefits of skylight window installation. Not only do they add an aesthetic appeal to both the interior and exterior of a home, they can also reduce energy bills and improve your health. Here’s a close look at the top four reasons to hire skylight contractors to install residential or commercial skylights:

Saving Electric Consumption

Installing skylight windows greatly reduces the amount of time you have to use lights in your home. Imagine walking into your living room or kitchen and not having to turn on the light because the room is already illuminated with natural light! As to be expected, this will save on electric consumption and reduce your energy bills.

Help Save the Environment

Since skylight windows help save energy, they not only help with your power bill, they also help to conserve Earth’s natural resources. Even on cold days, skylights welcome the warmth of the sun into your home and help reduce heating costs.

Natural Lighting Leads to Improved Health

Studies have shown exposure to natural lighting improves a person’s health by reducing anxiety, diminishing stress levels, decreasing the chance of developing nearsightedness, and warding off a certain type of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or the “winter blues.” For businesses, natural lighting has been shown to increase productivity and even lead to higher sales revenue!

Add Aesthetic Value to a Commercial Building

Not only does skylight roofing add an aesthetic appeal to any home or commercial building, but it also increases the value of your property. Many buyers view skylights as a premium, luxury amenity.

Skylight Roof Installation

The majority of the cost of having skylight windows installed is going to derive from labor; the actual windows themselves are fairly inexpensive. As to be expected though, the larger the size of the window, the more expensive it is to install. The method of opening and closing the skylight will also impact its installation and total cost. A skylight to be opened manually will cost much less than one that is installed with an electric opener. Skylights must be installed perfectly to ensure they do not leak. Because of this, skylight installation is not a DIY project. Commercial roofing contractors with experience in skylight installation should be hired to install the windows.

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Skywalker Roofing has been a leader in the residential and commercial skylight installation industry for many years. Through extensive exposure, knowledge, and experience, we have successfully installed skylight windows for numerous clients. Our value of quality craftsmanship and attentiveness to each customer we serve sets us apart from the competition. Contact us to learn more today!


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