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Whether you’re having a new roof installed or having an existing roof replaced, there are many options to choose from. One of the most popular roofing materials installed on commercial properties is a thermoplastic polyolefin, also commonly known as TPO roofing. This type of roof is comprised of an ethylene-propylene rubber that is combined with polypropylene through a polymerizing method. There are multiple reasons to opt for this material. From durability to cost-efficiency, TPO roofing is an excellent go-to choice for commercial construction projects.

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Installation of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing can be installed using various installation methods, including mechanical attachment, adherence, ballasting, and plate bonding. The best installation method will depend on the exact project. It is generally best to speak with an experienced TPO roofing contractor to ensure that the best approach is being used on your commercial building.

When installed using the plate bonding method, an induction welder is used to bond the plates to the underside parts of the membrane. Here at Skywalker Roofing, we have numerous TPO roofing installers with an extensive number of years and experience in TPO roofing systems. By performing a quick, hassle-free assessment of your project, we can recommend the best installation method, and our experience in TPO membrane roofing allows us to be your go-to service provider for all TPO installation and repair needs.


TPO roofing is appealing in both residential and commercial construction projects due to its reasonable cost and durability. It is now the fastest-growing segment of the US single-ply roofing industry thanks to its durability and resistance to dirt, bacteria, algae, and debris buildup. It can be installed quickly due to its large panels, which also reduces the number of required seams and cuts labor costs significantly. This roofing material requires little maintenance once installed, which further increases its economic efficiency.

You’ll also notice with a wide-width TPO membrane that the surface reflects a cleaner and smoother appearance when compared to other roofing materials. This further enhances its resistance to debris build-up and dirt. Regardless of whether the roof is installed through a mechanical attachment or full adherence method, the use of the heat welder results in superior durability and refined leak protection.

Environmentally Friendly

TPO roofing is an excellent choice for those concerned about the health of the environment. This roofing material’s solar reflective properties of light color result in a decrease of energy waste from HVAC systems. The polymer of TPO does not contain chlorine, and it is one of the few roofing materials available that is 100% recyclable.


Due to the flexible membrane of TPO, installation can be completed on both low- and high-slope surfaces as well as on flat roof construction. The material can be heated and reheated multiple times if necessary to reshape. Its flexibility also allows a building to settle without impacting the performance of the roof, and it makes TPO highly resistant to tears and punctures. TPO membranes are heat-welded at 926 degrees, resulting in long-lasting performance.

Skywalker Roofing Excels in TPO Roofing Installation

Through Skywalker’s experience in TPO roofing installation, we have found it’s generally best to apply as thick of a membrane coating as possible, ranging anywhere from 45 to 80 mils. Although the thicker membrane costs a little more, the benefits far outweigh the increased price. In fact, you can view the higher cost of the thicker membrane as a valuable investment rather than an expense. Having a thicker membrane is much like applying an extra coat of sunscreen to your body before you head out into the hot sun. It adds protection and extends the life of the roof by blocking UV rays.

As a pioneer in TPO membrane waterproofing, Skywalker Roofing has become a leader in the single-ply roofing industry. Contact us today to learn more about the numerous benefits of having a TPO roof installed.

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