Roof Replacement Cost
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Roof Replacement Cost

What’s the cost of roof replacement? A better question to ask may be this – what will it cost you if you DON’T repair or replace your old, leaky roof? The roof you have overhead is really the first and most important line of defense your home or business has from the threats of Mother Nature. If your roof is no longer doing its job properly, it’s really not worth the risk of putting off a needed roof replacement.

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How do you decide when your roof is ready for some TLC?

It’s a good idea to assess your roof’s condition at least once a year. The earlier you catch any potential problems, the more options you’ll have for addressing them. If you’ve got water coming inside your home, then your roof obviously needs some attention. And if you have to set out buckets and trash cans to catch water inside your home every time it rains, then you really should give Skywalker Roofing a call now. Any indications of water leakage inside your home are almost a sure sign of roof issues that need addressing on the outside!

What if you aren’t seeing any obvious leaks inside your home? Here are a few external indicators of roof health you should be checking for:

  • Damaged or Missing Shingles Shingles that are warped, curled, broken, split, loose, or bald should be replaced. And if you notice that you’re MISSING some shingles, you really shouldn’t wait around. Exposed underlayment or decking can quickly lead to serious damage to your home or business – or worse, to the people who are inside!
  • Exposed Nails Look for roofing nails that are exposed, loose, or that have popped up. These are sources of potential leaks, and may indicate problems with the roofing materials themselves, or with the way they were installed in the first place.
  • Damaged or Missing Flashing If you notice any metal flashing to be loose, corroded, rusted, or missing, that’s something that needs addressing.
  • Chimneys, Vent Pipes, Skylights Cracks or damage around these areas can certainly lead to leaks.
  • Gutters and Downspouts Gutters and downspouts that don’t flow properly can lead to roof rot and leaks. If you find that your gutters or downspouts are damaged or aren’t seated properly, you should really consider gutter replacement or repairs.
  • Fascia and Soffit One of the little things people tend to miss when assessing their current roof situation is the condition of their fascia and soffit. Fascia and soffit play an essential role in supporting the infrastructure of your roof and helping to protect your house from weather damage and moisture infiltration.
  • How Old Is Your Roof? Some roofing materials last longer than others, but the reality is that no roof lasts forever. The prolonged effects of sun, rain, wind, snow, sleet, and hail will take their toll over time, eventually compromising the effectiveness of your roof. To learn more about the average life span of various roofing materials, check out this infographic.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Unless you happen to be a certified roof inspector, there’s a good chance you could miss something that a properly-trained eye could help you catch before it turns into a major problem. Let the professionals at Skywalker come out and take a look for you – we’re happy to provide a free inspection and consultation visit, and we can help you objectively explore the best options for addressing whatever roofing needs may be evident. Plus, we can save you from having to risk navigating a wobbly ladder or taking a nasty fall … ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Do I Need a Roof Replacement? What About Roof Repair Options?

Making the call about whether roof repairs or roof replacement is the right move for you comes down to a number of factors, including your roof’s age, its current condition, the roofing materials used, and the workmanship quality of your original installation. Many (if not most) roofing contractors will recommend an entire roof replacement by default, even when roof repair might be a viable option for you. At Skywalker Roofing, our first priority is to help people, not to push you into buying something you don’t really need. We’ll always be honest and objective about laying out all your available options, and we’ll take the time to listen and make sure all your questions are answered.

Roof Replacement Cost – New Roofs Aren’t Cheap, But They Can Be Affordable

After all is said and done, your roof may simply be beyond the point where a repair is a viable option, and a roof replacement is really what’s warranted. So, what will that end up costing you? The answer to that question will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The style, pitch, and age of your roof
  • The amount of decking and underlayment that needs to be replaced
  • Any skylights, chimneys, exhaust vents, or other roof protrusions that need addressing
  • Which roofing materials (regular shingles, architectural shingles, metal roofing, or any other available options) you choose for your new roof, and
  • Who you choose to partner with to get the job done

Let’s be honest – there’s no such thing as a cheap roof. You can try and shop around for a little cheaper price, but no matter how you slice it, a new roof or roof replacement is going to be a significant investment – there are no “bargain roofs.”

And while we’re being honest, you really don’t want a cheap roof, anyway. When it comes to choosing the right overhead protection for your home and family (or for your business and employees), you don’t want to risk cutting corners or take chances. If your roof needs replacing, you obviously want the job done right, and you don’t want to have to replace your roof again anytime soon!

Skywalker Roofing knows you need something better than just a cheap roof, and that’s why we stand by our claim – a Skywalker roof is the last roof you will ever need! Isn’t it worth investing in a roof that’s built to last a lifetime? Many of our customers come back to us and say they’re glad they spent a little more now, rather than having to have to come back and spend a lot more later on another new roof replacement all over again in a few years.

We think one of our satisfied customers put it best when he said this: “I am way too poor to buy cheap. I can’t afford to do this twice, so I need this roof replacement done right the first time!”

We’re also committed to helping you find ways to afford the quality roof and service you need, too. Skywalker is happy to provide preferred roof financing options to help you fit a needed roof replacement within your budget.

Choose Skywalker for All Your Roofing Needs

No matter how you decide to pay for your roof, it’s best to do business with a local roofing contractor you can trust, who provides quality products, workmanship, and warranties, and who constantly strives to make your entire roofing experience as pleasant and painless as possible. If you’re ready to partner with someone who can check off every box on your list, look no further than Skywalker Roofing! If you need a roof install or replacement in any location around the NC Piedmont Triad, Triangle, or Roanoke, VA areas, reach out to us and let us show you why Skywalker is THE best roofing contractor around!

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  • I would recommend Skywalker Roofing to anyone who is serious about keeping their home's exterior in top condition physically and well as visually!If you want top quality repair for your home, go with Skywalker Roofing! If you just want your home repaired then just choose anybody. I highly recommend Skywalker Roofing for exterior repair and upgrades to your home! View More
    John Robertson
  • Skywalker roofing was very professional from the first time I talked with them until completion of the job. I was given an estimate within one hour of the time the estimator arrived, and it did not change. The work was done accurately and professionally. I am very satisfied with their work.
    Ken F. - Martinsville, VA
  • The whole process from the initial phone call, into the office, and to the financing process was flawless, seamless, and effortless. Everyone there knew what they were doing and walked us through step by step, so we knew what to expect during each step. They really made the whole process so easy.
    John S. - Danville, VA
  • Skywalker Roofing company is awesome! When most of the roofers in Greensboro were busy, Skywalker Roofing team answered and handled all my requirements, and next day Wyatt Brown came to my house and took an in-depth inspection of my damaged roof. The same day they fixed my roof corner and the hole near a gutter. I am very thankful to Skywalker team.
    Marcel Crowley Jr. - Greensboro
  • Skywalker Roofing staff did an excellent job for our flat roof replacement.  We have reached out to multiple roofers, but Skywalker roofing was the only one that seemed reasonable. The team was easy to work with and patiently answered all our queries about the company, the material they used, the time they fix. Highly recommended whenever you're looking for the best roofing services.
    Nicasio Guerrero - Winston-Salem
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