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Roof Replacement

Depending on the type of roof, if installed properly with quality materials, it should last from 20 to 50 years or more. For example, metal roofs usually last longer than asphalt shingles. We guarantee some of our new roofs for 50 years, and others for a lifetime!

If you are unsure if your roof needs replacement or if it is repairable, call Skywalker Roofing for a FREE roof estimate. After you get an expert opinion from Skywalker Roofing you will have peace of mind knowing what condition your roof is in. Then, you can make the necessary plans to deal with any problems. Why not go ahead a make an appointment today? Call ☎ (336) 338-8620.

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Residential Roof Replacement

Residential Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement

Why do you need a roof replacement?

The most common reasons for roof replacement are storm damage and the tolls of weather over time. Another great reason for a roof replacement is to make a home more attractive. A brand new roof with a contemporary style creates a beautiful aesthetic for a home. This can be done for the pride of ownership, or to make a home ready for sale and to help achieve a higher resale value.

Why Skywalker Roofing?

We use quality materials and our highly-qualified technicians install your new roof right the first time. Our quality workmanship in roof installations and our long-standing relationships with the material manufacturers allow us to offer some of the best warranties available in the roofing industry.

For example, our status as a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning qualifies us to offer a lifetime workmanship and 50-year warranty on labor and materials for a new roof installation using materials from Owens Corning – a workmanship warranty of only 1 or 2 years is common elsewhere in the industry.

Roofing Material Options with Skywalker

Skywalker Roofing works with a variety of roofing materials which include:

  • Asphalt Shingles: We are a certified Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning and a Select Shingles Master with CertainTeed.
  • Metal: 24-gauge, 26-gauge, 29-gauge, Standing Seam, Copper, Galvalume, and Aluminum.
  • Flat Roofs: Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM), and Polyvinylchloride (PVC).
  • Tile: Individual Spanish clay tiles and tile sheets.
  • Wood Shakes: Wood shingles made from split logs.
  • Slate: Shingles made from thin slices of slate stone.

The asphalt shingles we work with have a very extensive warranty period. Metal roofing typically has a much longer lifespan, and some types can qualify for an energy saving rebate.

Flat roofs are commonly used for commercial buildings. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a popular choice because it is a single-ply of a thick plastic membrane that has a reflective white color on one side. The white color is left exposed, reflecting sunlight and reducing the energy needs to cool the interior of the building during hot, sunny days.

Another choice for a flat, mildly-sloping roof is Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM). EPDM is a very strong synthetic rubber that is quite durable. EPDM roofs are a solid membrane made of this material. This type of synthetic rubber is not affected by UV rays from the sun. It withstands heavy rain, high winds, and even hail up to three inches in diameter. Many of these roofs last 50 years or even longer.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) roofing is a single-ply roofing material that has been used extensively since the 1950s. PVC material is very durable and resistant to deterioration caused by UV exposure.

VC and TPO roofs are very similar. Both of these materials will reduce the energy bills for cooling the interior of a building. TPO roofs are quick and easy to install. They resist mold and rarely crack. PVC roofs have very low maintenance requirements.

Custom roofing is available using tile, wood shakes, or slate for luxurious results.

Consult with the experts at Skywalker Roofing to discuss your roofing needs and all about roof replacement cost. We’ll be glad to help you decide which roofing material is right for you!

Roof Replacement Process

Professional roof replacement by Skywalker Roofing is an organized process, which is achieved by taking the following steps:



Arrive with dump truck or trailer. All materials will be delivered.

Property Protection

Property Protection

Tarps are placed around home to protect landscaping and collect any loose nails and debris.

Roof Removal

Roof Removal

Remove existing roof materials down to the decking.

Wood Inspection

Wood Inspection

All bad wood will be removed and replaced. Also all loose boards and plywood will be renailed.

Underlayment Installation

Underlayment Installation

All the proper underlayment will be installed by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

New Roof Material Installation

New Roof Material Installation

Once the wood decking has been brought back to perfect condition, the new roof materials are installed.

Site Cleaning

Site Cleaning

The site is thoroughly cleaned up. All excess materials and debris are removed. A magnet is swept over the property to assure no nails are in the yard.

Final Walk Around Inspection

Final Walk Around Inspection

A final inspection is made accompanied by the homeowner to make sure there is 100% customer satisfaction with the job and with the finished roof.

Skywalker Roofing is so confident in what we do and how we do it that we do not ask for a single penny until we are completely finished with your project and you are 100% satisfied. How many roofing companies can say that? Contact Skywalker Roofing for a Free Estimate.

Just share your requirements and our experts will provide the best service.
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What Our Customers Say

Skywalker Roofing Reviews

  • Our story with Skywalker began when I surfed the web for a roofing company that included metal roofing in its services. Skywalker was the second company I reviewed and after reading everything on their website I just got a really good feeling that they were the people we wanted to come into our home and give us a quote for the job. The salesperson (Wyatt Brown) arrived on time, a smile on his face, a good firm handshake and revved up to give us his presentation. He was an impressive guy with a great personality and very down to earth. He physically climbed on our roof and took a video of what was going on up there and showed it to us. We were astonished at how 24 years of NC weather had managed to really play havoc on our roof. He continued with his presentation, we picked our color and signed the contract. We knew we had the right company who had the right people to service our needs. Well, the installation day arrived on one of the hottest days in NC history and the crew arrived with all their equipment and started ripping off old shingles. The crew supervisor (Quinton) was very customer oriented as he would come to the door and let us know exactly what they were doing in case we had questions. They were all hard workers, neat, tidy, focused and two and a half days later we had a gorgeous Mansard Brown Standing Seam Metal Roof on our house. It is beautiful and has really enhanced the look of our country cottage home so much. The crew did a cleanup before they left and that included checking for any nails that might have landed in the yard. They blew off the debris on the front porch and deck and they were spotless. We were so satisfied with Skywalker because from the beginning to the end we were treated as friends of the family. By the way, Skywalker is a family run business and that says a lot.
    Sara Roth - nc
  • Skywalker Roofing staff did an excellent job for our flat roof replacement.  We have reached out to multiple roofers, but Skywalker roofing was the only one that seemed reasonable. The team was easy to work with and patiently answered all our queries about the company, the material they used, the time they fix. Highly recommended whenever you're looking for the best roofing services.
    Nicasio Guerrero - Winston-Salem
  • Skywalker Roofing company is awesome! When most of the roofers in Greensboro were busy, Skywalker Roofing team answered and handled all my requirements, and next day Wyatt Brown came to my house and took an in-depth inspection of my damaged roof. The same day they fixed my roof corner and the hole near a gutter. I am very thankful to Skywalker team.
    Marcel Crowley Jr. - Greensboro
  • Skywalker Roofing is one of the rare companies that communicate as much as a customer would like. I was updated daily from my initial request for an estimate all the way through the day after my project was complete. I am extremely happy with our new roof, and the crew that came out was fantastic. I would recommend Skywalker Roofing to anyone who is looking for roofers in Greensboro area.
    John Mc. Winston Salem
  • "The whole process from the initial phone call, into the office, and to the financing process was flawless, seamless, and effortless. Everyone there knew what they were doing and walked us through step by step, so we knew what to expect during each step. They really made the whole process so easy."
    John S. Danville, VA
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Why Should You Contact Skywalker Roofing
For Roof Replacement Services?

Our customers are very satisfied with our roof replacement services. We are one of the largest roof replacement contractors in North Carolina, with an excellent reputation since our founding in 2003. Our rating is A+ by the Better Business Bureau for roof installation services.

We have been blessed to earn many awards for excellence as a roof replacement company, including:

  • Angie's List Super Service Award
    Angie's List Super Service Award
  • Owens Corning
    Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor Warranties National Award Winner
  • Reader's Choice Award
    2016 Go Triad's
    Reader's Choice Award
    best roofing company
  • Guilford's Best Winner
    2017 Battle for
    Guilford's Best Winner
    best roofing company
  • Best of The Best National Award Winner
    Best of The Best National Award Winner
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