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The old phrase “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” – made popular by the original 1955 Tennessee Williams play, and subsequent movie of the same title – probably conjures up some negative mental images about metal roofing. But there’s really a lot to like about a metal roof! For starters, metal roofs aren’t as hot as many roofing materials; in fact, they’re cooler than shingles. They now come in much better material options than tin, too. Keep reading to learn more!

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Metal Roofing Services in NC & VA

Contemplating a metal roof? Looking for roofing contractors in NC & VA? You’ve come to the right place. Skywalker Roofing installs all popular roofing materials, and we also happen to specialize in custom standing seam metal roof fabrication and installation. Our metal roofs offer some of the best available protection value for your home. They’re built to withstand high winds, shed precipitation effectively, are naturally lightweight and fire-resistant, and contribute to energy efficiency thanks to their reflective properties.


Roof Replacement – Why Choose Metal Roofing?

If your existing roof has worn out and needs replacing, you’d be hard-pressed to choose a better solution than a metal roof from Skywalker Roofing. What makes a metal roof better than other comparable roofing systems? Here are just a few features and benefits worth noting about modern metal roofs:

• Long-lasting

A roof is simply something you don’t want to worry about having to replace very often. Well, with quality material fabrication and proper installation, a metal roof really can last you a lifetime! If you’d like to protect your home with a roof that’s truly built to last, a standing seam metal roof is a sound solution.

• Sure, dry protection

The smooth texture of coated metal ushers both precipitation and debris off your roof with much greater use than most any other roofing material you can think of. And with a standing seam metal roof, there are no exposed fasteners or seams, so moisture really has nowhere to penetrate. A drier roof is a happier roof!

• Superior resistance to other natural threats

Live in an area where strong winds can sometimes threaten? Metal roofs have been tested and proven to withstand hurricane-force winds. Concerned about lightning? Metal’s natural conductivity enables a metal roof to help dissipate and deflect the impacts of a direct lightning strike. Metal is more fire-resistant too, since it’s a naturally non-combustible material.

• Durable & resilient in the face of moisture & pests

Treated metal isn’t absorbent, so it doesn’t retain moisture. It simply doesn’t rot or warp like wood or other materials, either. Live in a humid climate? Metal is a poor host for mold, mildew, and moss. Metal is also unaffected by termites and other pests that can wreak havoc on other types of roofs.

• Lightweight

Metal roofs are lightweight, weighing about 4 times less than a tile roof, and about half as much as an asphalt roof. Why does that matter? Roof systems can get heavy. Too much weight on your roof can put unwanted strain and stress on your home’s infrastructure. Choosing a lightweight metal roof can alleviate many of these concerns.

• Reflects radiation, and more earth-friendly

Metal reflects solar radiation much better than other roofing materials. One positive result is that a metal roof can actually help keep your home cooler in the summer. Metal roofs are also a perfect base for installing solar panels, should you be looking for some other ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Plus, a metal roof is actually one of the “greenest” roofs you can get. Metal roofing components include a percentage of recycled materials, and the final product itself is nearly 100% recyclable, too.

• Pitch-perfect

Got a steep roof, a low-slope roof, or something in-between? No problem. Metal can be used to cover roofs of practically any pitch. There really isn’t another roofing material which can match the pitch range of metal.

• That signature pitter-patter

The distinctive sound of metal whenever it rains is another signature feature. Many folks just like to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on a metal roof. Of course, if you like it a little quieter, there are also options for dampening sound transfer through the use of heavier metal gauges and proper insulation solutions.


All the Colors of the Rainbow

The early days of metal roofing really didn’t present homeowners with much in the way of color choices – basically, your roof just looked like whichever type of metal was used to cover it. But thanks to advances in metal paint and coating technology like Kynar 500 resins, your range of available color options just got a whole lot wider. Now you can go with just about any tone on the color wheel!

Pro tip: be sure and choose a color you really like, because your enamel-coated metal roof is designed to maintain that same color for decades! Many property owners will land on a color which complements other nearby structures, while others prefer to have their metal roof stand out a bit more. It’s really up to you! Also, be aware that the lightness or darkness of the shade you choose will have some impact on your roof’s light reflectivity and heat absorption specifics.


Metal Material Options

Tin roofs aren’t really a thing anymore, especially when it comes to residential and commercial roofing applications. So, which type of metal should you go with? Here are some details about three popular material options:

• Aluminum

What’s good about aluminum? It’s lightweight, fairly easy to work with, doesn’t rust, and is relatively cheap. But while an aluminum roof may be fine for your shed or outbuilding, it really isn’t your best choice for a residential or commercial building. Aluminum is a softer metal, so it can bend or ding more easily. It also simply isn’t as rugged or as strong as some other available metals, and typically requires more maintenance.

• Copper

Copper is a beautiful, durable metal that simply makes for a gorgeous roof. Copper won’t rust, and is known to be incredibly long-lasting as a roofing material. Real copper also delivers a signature bright tone that transitions into a nice green patina over time. There are a couple of caveats with using copper roofing, though. The material itself is pretty expensive, and proper installation requires some specialized labor & tools. For example, the seams and joints of a copper roof have to be custom-welded.

• Galvalume Steel

Galvalume steel is a very attractive roofing material choice for many reasons. For starters, it’s stronger and more durable than aluminum, and it’s also typically much more affordable than copper. Galvalume steel offers a nice combination of strength, durability, longevity, & affordability, and it also comes in a wide array of color options.


Why Standing Seam Is Superior to Corrugated Metal Roofing

While corrugated metal continues to be a popular metal roofing option for some applications, corrugated metal presents some key liabilities as well. A corrugated metal roof can have hundreds of exposed fasteners. Regular inspections are required to check each fastener and corresponding washer; otherwise, every exposed fastener can eventually become a source of leaks. Another key drawback of corrugated metal is related to aesthetics. The corrugated look simply doesn’t offer the same eye appeal as the smooth finish of a standing seam.

Standing seam panels are typically fabricated with a thicker gauge of metal too, meaning they’re even stronger and more resilient than corrugated panels. In addition, no exposed fasteners and no exposed seams means that there really aren’t any opportunities for leaks to develop with a standing seam roof. You won’t have any of the same ongoing maintenance worries, either.

Corrugated Metal Panels vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofing


Metal Roofing Cost

Granted, a metal roof does carry a higher price tag than some other roofing material options. But let’s face it, there’s really no such thing as a cheap roof replacement, either. And here’s another important point to keep in mind: a well-installed metal roof could very well be the last roof you’ll ever need! For the sake of comparison, you’d probably have to put on two or more shingle roofs to match the lifespan of one metal roof. In terms of product longevity and ongoing maintenance costs, putting on one metal roof is actually cheaper than having to put on two (or more) shingle roofs over the same time frame!


Skywalker Roofing Provides the Best Metal Roofing Solutions

There are plenty of roofers who can nail a shingle, but there aren’t many local providers who possess the needed tools, training, and expertise to be able to handle metal roofing installations properly. Skywalker Roofing can fabricate your perfect, custom standing seam metal roof right on your property, and nobody maintains higher standards of workmanship and customer service. In addition, we offer great financing options to help you be able to afford the roof solution you really want and need!

Skywalker Roofing is here to take care of your roofing and home improvement needs across the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and the Southern VA region. Reach out to us online by filling out a simple form, or just pick up the phone and give us a call at +1 (336) 627-5596. One of our friendly professionals will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We’d be honored to have the opportunity to show you the Skywalker difference!

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