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Skywalker Roofing Company of North Carolina

It is always better if you are at home when we come out to quote your project. This allows us to do a complete and thorough evaluation of your needs that include having access to the attic space. Many things factor is when pricing a roofing project such as proper ventilation. Without it, your home could develop mold in the attic space that could possibly effect you and your family if left unattended. Therefore, we would like to have access to your attic to assure your home is properly ventilated. Proper ventilation is mandatory for our Manufacturer’s Warranty.

We occasionally have rotten wood when we install a new roof and having access to your attic allows us to give you a more accurate estimate factoring in the amount of wood we see that needs to be replaced. Although it may be impossible to find all damaged wood.
Our goal is to educate the customer and give them sufficient information to make the best decision for their family. We would like to show how Skywalker Roofing installs a roofing system and how all the components of this system work together to protect your home, giving you the last roof you’ll ever need. Instead of taking the easy out and coming by measuring your roof and sticking an estimate in your mailbox without having a clue what your needs truly are.

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions….

Many times having the husband and wife present when we come out eliminates additional phone calls or another interruption to your schedule simply by getting questions from all parties involved out of the way in one visit. Not that we won’t come out as many times as required, but we want to make the overall process as easy and stress free as possible for the customer.

We are invited into customers’ homes every day and often find that if we give the information to one party without the other being present, it leads to another visit and another intrusion to your already busy schedule. We would like to eliminate that with one visit and give you enough information to make the best decision and guys honestly most of the time we have found that the ladies like to be a part of choosing the color. Over all the process is much smoother when both parties are involved. We’re able to let everyone know how the job will be scheduled, when the materials will arrive, the job supervisor’s name, and how the process will flow from start to finish. This allows both husband and wife to have a full understanding of what to expect from us throughout the entire process.

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