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How Roofing Material Impacts Home Temperatures
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If you’ve ever been up on the roof on a warm day, then you know it can get pretty hot up there. But did you also know that resulting heat can build up in your attic, which ultimately impacts and drives up the temperatures inside your home or business? Popular Roofing Materials & Their Impact...

Roof Types and Average Lifespan
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How long does a roof last? The answer depends greatly on which roofing material you choose in the first place, along with how it’s installed, typical weather conditions in your area, and other factors.   This infographic presented by Skywalker Roofing Triad top rated roofing...

House styles around the world
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Summary   Throughout human history, people have been fabricating shelters to fit their culture, climate, and surroundings. For many of us, a home is a four-walled building mounted on a permanent foundation. But across the globe, people define home in many ways, built from any number of...


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