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Skywalker Roofing Company brings years of roofing experience to the Roanoke, VA area. Roanoke is the company’s fourth office and the first one outside of North Carolina. Skywalker Roofing will repair your leaky roofs, replace the worn-out shingles, and make your roof better than ever before. We have worked on over 15,000 roofing projects over the past 15 years. We are regarded as one of the best roofing contractors in southern VA, including Roanoke, Danville, Lynchburg, and Martinsville. Don’t take our word for it, check us out for yourself! (GuildQuality review page)

100+ Years of Combined Experience
100+ Years of Combined Experience
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent CustomerService
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100+ years of combined experience. Taking care of real people with real needs! And delivering the best roofing services in Roanoke.

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Awards & Achievements
Window & Doors Contractors
Window & Doors Contractors
Readers’ Choice Award 2021
Readers’ Choice Award 2020
Owens Corning Platinum Award 2019
Angie's List Super Service Award
The Triad's Best Roofing Company
Shingle Master Company
Angie's List Super Service Award
Best Of The Best National Award Winner
Battle For Best Guilford's Winner
HomeAdvisor Top Rated Company
HomeAdvisor Elite Service
Top Of The House - Certified Preferred Contractor
Roof Deployment Project - Platinum Preferred Contractor.
The Triad's Best Roofing Company
Go Triad Readers Choice Winner
Angie's List Super Service Award
Angie's List Super Service Award
Angie's List Super Service Award
Angie's List Super Service Award
Owens Corning Excellence Product

Skywalker Roofing Company’s excellent craftsmanship, insured contractors, and an eye for detail all ensure that your roof is in safe hands. Southwest Virginia weather can be unpredictable, and can sometimes lead to roof damage. Leaky roofs, broken siding, and cracked windows are items that can be detrimental to your home in a strong storm. Don’t put your family at risk! Remember, your roof is one of the most important investments in your house, and even a minute crack can decrease its worth. Call Skywalker Roofing in Roanoke to fix your residential or commercial roof.  As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and replacing or repairing your roof on time will increase the life of your asset.

We Are a Top-Rated Roofing Contractor in Roanoke VA

Homeowners should be concerned about leaky roofs, worn out shingles, & damaged slates, but shouldn’t have to worry about the company who can repair or replace them. Skywalker Roofing can take care of you; we’ll be happy to come out and inspect your home. Your roof may be giving hints of issues that won’t be obvious until that next heavy torrential rainfall. Don’t wait, act now – call the best local roofers in Roanoke! Skywalker is trusted by thousands of families, businesses, and other contractors for residential and commercial roof repairs. No job is too big or too small, and each job we do is the most important project to us.

We provide excellent customer support, and we work with only the best roofing materials from Owens Corning. Here are some of the roofing materials we can install and repair:

Roof Installation and Replacement Services in Roanoke VA

You need an expert roofing contractor that has extensive experience with various roofing materials. They come in different sizes, shapes, and have different longevity. Shingles, slates, metal, and wood shakes are all very popular, but each needs experience and craftsmanship to be installed properly.

If you’re replacing your current roof and considering a roofing company, look no further. Based on your home’s roof, location, budget, and needs, we offer the best roofing materials that will last for decades.

Our Recent Roofing Projects in Roanoke, VA

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Skywalker Roofing and Home Improvement Services – Roanoke, VA

Skywalker Roofing Company is a full-service, family-owned, NC- and VA-based roofing and specialty service provider that is located right here in Roanoke! We have over 15 years’ experience in the industry, and we’re proud to serve Roanoke and surrounding areas in Virginia. We’re now up to 15,500 completed projects and counting, and we’re proud to say that we have a 99% customer approval rating and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! Skywalker Roofing is widely regarded as a premier roofing contractor, and we’d be happy to talk with you about how we can best serve your Roanoke area home or business needs.

Leaky roofs, worn-out shingles, & damaged slate can be stressful, but you shouldn’t have to stress about finding the best partner for your roof repair or replacement. Skywalker Roofing can take care of you, and we start by coming out to provide a FREE inspection and personal consultation. Your roof may be giving hints about issues that could turn into major problems when the next heavy rain or snow comes. Don’t wait, act now – call the best local roofers in Roanoke! Skywalker Roofing is trusted by families and businesses not just in the Roanoke area, but across NC as well. No job is too big or too small for us, and we strive to treat each customer as if they were our ONLY customer.


Skywalker Roofing’s Roof Installation & Roof Repair Services in Roanoke

We provide the best customer support, and we use only the best roofing materials from top manufacturers like Owens Corning and CertainTeed. Here are some of the roofing services we specialize in for serving Roanoke and surrounding communities:

Roof Installation

Many folks in and around Roanoke probably see a roof installation to be nothing more than a necessary evil, but it’s really about more than that. Investing in the right roof is really one of the best ways to protect your structure and its precious contents, including the people inside! And choosing the right roof is important not just for the protection it provides, but also for the boost in curb appeal. Not only does a new roof increase the value of your home, but if you ever look to sell, your roof will be a primary factor that potential buyers will consider. New roof installation is also advantageous because it adds a unique look and feel to your home or business that you simply can’t achieve with other types of improvement projects.

 Purchasing a new roof is certainly an expense, but if you choose the right materials and the right contractor, a well-installed new roof is an expense that will pay dividends – and even save you money – in the long run. With a 67 to 70 percent ROI, new roof installations are one of the most efficient home improvement investments you can make. Here at Skywalker Roofing, we specialize in all major types of roof installations, including shingles, metal, slate, tile, wood shakes, flat roofing, and more.

Roof Replacement

You may be at the place where your roof has seen its fair share of seasons, and you know it’s time to look at replacing it. That’s really a decision you shouldn’t put off; making the call to go ahead and replace your roof now can save you from experiencing many more headaches later! Not sure what your roof really needs? Call us at Skywalker Roofing today to schedule a FREE roof inspection and consultation anywhere in Roanoke or the surrounding area! We’re here to help, and we’d be glad to help you assess your roof’s current condition and help you consider your replacement options.

The most common reasons that lead people to consider roof replacement are storm damage and the tolls of weather over time. Another great benefit to a roof replacement is it makes your home more attractive or creates a more beautiful aesthetic for your business. This is also an important step in making a home ready for sale and helping achieve a higher resale value.

Skywalker Roofing uses only the best materials, and our highly-qualified technicians do the job right the first time! Our quality workmanship and long-standing relationships with top manufacturers allow us to offer some of the best roofing warranties available, too.

Roof Repairs

Ever had a bad experience that, looking back, you now know could’ve turned out a whole lot better if you’d just taken appropriate action sooner? We hear you; we’ve been there too! Unfortunately, the consequences of putting off needed roof repairs are one of those tough “life lessons” that too many people wait to learn the hard way.

One thing that people dread when working with a local roofing contractor is being told that their roof needs a total replacement. Oftentimes, that fear is well-placed; many roofing contractors make it a standard practice to tell their repair customers that a roof replacement is their ONLY option … even when it really isn’t.

Skywalker Roofing of Roanoke does business differently. We’re happy to provide quality roof repair services for our customers, and we’ll only suggest you consider a roof replacement if that truly is the BEST solution for your particular situation. We offer free estimates for roof repairs, and we guarantee our work by providing a 2-year warranty for any area of your roof that we repair.

If your home or commercial building needs a roof repair, an unattended small problem can quickly turn into a major problem. Better to be proactive! Give us a call, we’d be glad to help!

Residential Roofing

From shingles to metal roofing to tile to slate to wood shakes to flat or low-slope roofs, Skywalker Roofing does it all when it comes to residential roofing services. Let’s face it – your home is likely the most expensive asset you own, meaning you need to do everything you can to protect it. One of the best ways to protect your home investment (not to mention your family!) is by making sure you have a quality roof overhead. A roof that is properly installed and maintained can provide many, many years of service, AND can give you the peace of mind that money can’t buy, knowing that your family and belongings are safe. The wind, rain, and snow can sometimes be harsh in the Roanoke area – does your current roof have you covered?

Let Skywalker Roofing come out and do a free home roof inspection and personal consultation for you. After thoroughly looking at every aspect of your roof and its support system, we’ll take the time to sit down with you and help you explore all your options. Ask around, and you’re sure to hear good things about our level of service, quality, and craftsmanship!

Commercial Roofing

Commercial and residential roofing are similar in terms of the quality of materials and workmanship required, but commercial roofing projects are often larger and more involved than residential projects, often requiring specialized equipment and training to do the job right.

When you hire Skywalker Roofing to complete your commercial roofing project, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of a trained, experienced professional with many years of experience as a commercial roofing contractor. From the initial assessment to the final day of completion, Skywalker Roofing prioritizes safety and workmanship, ensuring every aspect of the project is completed with the utmost attention to detail.

We want to help make sure your Roanoke-area business roof lasts as long as possible, and that’s why we’re willing to go the extra mile for you. When installing a commercial roof in Virginia or North Carolina, we understand that the design of your structure – along with the typical local weather you experience – plays a vital role in determining which roofing materials are best for you. We’ll walk with you every step of the way; nobody takes better care of its customers and clients than Skywalker Roofing! But don’t just take our word for it – check out our customer reviews for yourself!

Skylight Installation

Adding skylights to your residential or commercial roof in Roanoke is a great way to increase the amount of natural light that flows in and through your home or business space. Well-lit spaces are known to possess an enhanced sense of comfort, and studies show natural lighting can improve a person’s health and mood. Skylights also add aesthetic appeal and can help reduce energy costs, too. Skylights provide “free” light you don’t have to pay for during daylight hours, and on cold days, skylights welcome the warmth of the sun into your home or business, which can also help cut down on heating costs.

Skywalker Roofing has been a leader in both residential skylight and commercial skylight installation and repair for many years. We’d be glad to help you explore different skylight options that might be right for you, and we’d also be glad to answer any questions you may have about skylights.

Gutter Installation

You probably know that gutter systems drain water away from your roof and away from everything your roof covers. But did you know that clogged or damaged gutters lead to pooling of water on your roof, which can result in costly roof damage and even more costly water damage to your structure’s interior? The good news is there’s a solution to prevent these problems!

Skywalker Roofing of Roanoke can free you from the worries of clogged or damaged gutters. We pay attention to small details that other contractors might miss when installing a gutter. Gutter installation is a fairly inexpensive way to protect your home or business roof, but it needs to be done right. For example, it’s important to get just the right pitch when placing the gutter. This allows water the best opportunity to flow correctly towards the downspouts. Don’t trust an amateur roofer to take care of these small-but-important details; choose a reliable roofing contractor you can trust. There’s no better expert for all your gutter installation needs than Skywalker Roofing! Not sure which gutter type is right for your home or building? Not a problem! Call Skywalker Roofing, and let one of our experts help!

Fascia & Soffit Work

You probably don’t think much about fascia and soffit (if you even know what this is) … until there’s a problem. Fascia and soffit protect the edges and underside of your roof from moisture infiltration, and they also add a decorative façade. Fascia is the visible, vertical finishing edge at the bottom of your roof overhang. It plays the important role of being the last line of support for the lower edge of your roof, and it is also the surface on which your gutters are installed. Soffit is the exposed surface underneath your roof’s overhang, and its primary function is to cover the bottom of the overhang and provide necessary ventilation to your roof and attic.

Skywalker Roofing consistently provides exemplary fascia and soffit work in Roanoke and surrounding counties, and we’d be glad to help you with fascia and soffit installation or repair services.


Skywalker Roofing’s Home Improvement & Specialty Services in Roanoke

Skywalker Roofing does much more than just roofs! Not only does Skywalker Roofing provide the best roof installation and repair services; we also have the tools and experience to offer other valuable specialty services for homes and businesses. Some of the other featured services we’re proud to offer the Roanoke region include:

Window Replacement

A broken window can make even the most well-designed building look bad. Windows that are cracked or improperly sealed also allow your climate-controlled air to get out, and – worse still – they allow moisture and insects to get in. Planning to remodel or renovate your home or business? Professional window installation can really help boost the overall look and curb appeal of your structure.

Choosing to install impact-resistant windows not only helps to protect your home from the weather; it will also make your home more secure, and less susceptible to break-ins. A certified window services contractor can also help address other window-related problems, like difficulty in opening or closing windows, frame warping or cracking, and other window issues you may face.

Let Skywalker Roofing help solve all your window problems! Skywalker Roofing is a name you can trust for replacing windows in and around Roanoke. We’re skilled and experienced in installing or replacing everything from modern, energy-efficient, Low-E glass to low-maintenance vinyl replacement windows. We provide all types of window replacement services, and our friendly experts are happy to assist you in choosing the best window options for you and your particular situation.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials in North America, and is always in constant demand. Vinyl comes in a wide choice of colors, and offers many options for mixing and matching with your building’s exterior. Vinyl siding is affordable, attractive, durable, and needs little in the way of maintenance. Skywalker Roofing’s skilled and certified install teams are specially trained in installing all major styles of vinyl siding, including horizontal siding, vertical siding, and shingle or shake siding, among other options.

Skywalker Roofing has an excellent track record of providing vinyl Siding services in the Roanoke area, including installation, repair, and vinyl cleaning services. Our team of professional installers has been providing quality vinyl siding services for over 15 years. We would be honored to give your vinyl siding needs the same time and attention that we give to all of our roofing and other service customers. Give us a call today, we’re here to help!

Siding Replacement

Thinking about doing some remodeling? Want to give your building a face-lift? Siding replacement is an important part of the process when it comes to remodeling the exterior of your home or business. There are many reasons you should consider replacing your aging siding. Many home or business owners fail to pay attention to the visual signs of siding deterioration, like swollen panels and bowed boards, missing caulk, or peeling paints. But the fact of the matter is that damaged siding doesn’t just make your building look bad; it also creates space for water and pests to intrude, which can then lead to all sorts of other problems.

Just as a roof protects your home from above, siding is your home or other building’s first line of defense on its four (or more) sides. Skywalker Roofing offers a wide variety of siding replacement choices in the Roanoke and Southwestern Virginia areas. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice among our customers, but we also provide composite board and fiber cement replacement options that offer their own unique features.

At Skywalker Roofing, we do more than just protect your roof. With our siding replacement services, we can help protect your whole house or business!

Blown Insulation

At Skywalker Roofing, we don’t just work on the outside of your building; we can help take care of the inside, too!  We can help meet all of your insulation needs, and we work with a variety of insulation materials and products. There are many types of insulation available; only a certified contractor can suggest the best kind of insulation for your particular home or business situation. Blown-in (or loose-fill) is a commonly-used insulation, but there are other options we can provide as well, including bats and rolls, foam or rigid board, and reflective insulation.

We know that there are many choices when it comes to insulation options in Roanoke, and choosing the right insulation for your particular needs can sometimes be difficult. Some area contractors will only install their “preferred” insulation method. These contractors suggest an insulation solution based on their own preference or convenience, and not on what’s the best fit for an individual customer’s needs. Skywalker Roofing does things a little differently. We only recommend an Blown insulation solution after thoroughly inspecting your property and then taking the time to listen to you and your needs. We think you’ll like the Skywalker Roofing difference!

Interior Drywall Repair

Got drywall or ceiling issues? Need drywall installation or repair? Don’t risk putting your drywall or ceiling needs in the hands of an amateur! Trust Skywalker Roofing for drywall installation that’s done right the first time! We provide the most comprehensive, full-service Interior drywall and ceiling services in the business. Our team of professional installers can help with drywall installation, wall and ceiling repair, popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, wall texturing, and more! Whatever your interior wall or ceiling needs may be, Skywalker Roofing has a solution for your home or business. And our service area includes Roanoke and other areas in Southwestern Virginia! Give us a call today!


Why Choose Skywalker Roofing in Roanoke, VA?

Skywalker Roofing is one of the highest-rated, most dependable roofing companies in the region, serving local communities in both Virginia and North Carolina. We’re a proud recipient of the prestigious Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor Award several times over—a testament to our industry-leading contributions in the fields of roofing, customer service, and community engagement. This recognition just serves to remind us of our continued focus on delivering the very best customer-driven and results-oriented solutions with all of the services we provide.

We are also a proud recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award (6 years in a row!), and have received numerous other awards as well. We have over 15 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners choose the right roof or other solution for their needs. There are LOTS of roofing contractors in and around Southwestern Virginia, but not all companies are the same. Most other area roofing contractors won’t go the extra mile with you, but at Skywalker Roofing, going the extra mile for our customers is just a hallmark of how we do business every single day!

Don’t get left out in the rain when the storms roll in – contact Skywalker Roofing for peace of mind now!  Give us a call for all your roofing installation, repair, home improvement, and other specialty service needs in Roanoke and beyond! We also serve the NC Piedmont Triad and Triangle areas as well!

What makes Skywalker Roofing Company the best choice for your roofing needs?

Skywalker Roofing is the highest rated, most dependable roofing company in the area. We are a proud recipient of the prestigious Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Award 4 years in a row—all thanks to our company’s industry-leading contributions in the field of roofing. This recognition reflects our continued focus on delivering customer-driven and results-oriented approaches.

We are also the proud recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award 4 years in a row, and have also been named the Best Roofing Contractor in the Piedmont Triad. After winning these coveted salutes to exemplary customer service, Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks commented, “Only a fraction of the roofing companies in the Triad have been able to do it.”

Here are a few of our achievements, which speak to our level of expertise and customer service when it comes to your roofing and related needs:

  • Home Advisor’s Top Rated
  • Triad’s Reader’s Choice Winner
  • Shingle Master Certified
  • Top of the House Certified Contractors
  • Best of the Best National Award Winner
  • Home Advisor’s Elite Service Award

We have years of experience helping homeowners choose the right roof for their needs. We take our time during the consultation process to make sure that we understand all your concerns and vision. Unlike other local roofing contractors in Roanoke VA, we work with you, conduct thorough inspections, and understand your needs. It is only then that we are able to make educated recommendations as to which builds and materials would be best for your home. Most roofing contractors won’t go the extra mile with you, but at Skywalker, going the extra mile is a hallmark of our business. Give us a call today!

Talk to us ☎ (540) 306-5978 for your roof replacement and repair needs in Roanoke and Southwest VA!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know whether your shingle roof really needs replacing or not? That’s a great question; here are a few key indicators you should look for:

  1. Missing or damaged shingles
  2. Active roof leaks
  3. Excessive shedding of asphalt shingle granules
  4. Your current shingle roof is 20 years old, or older

Still unsure of your current roof’s condition? Skywalker is happy to provide a FREE roof inspection and home consultation.

Does your roof need replacing, or is replacement the only viable solution? Many roofing contractors will tell you that a roof replacement is your only option, even when it’s not truly necessary. Skywalker Roofing is different. We’re happy to provide estimates for roof repairs, and guarantee our roof repair services with a 2-year workmanship warranty.

Remember, a typical roof warranty won’t protect you from a failed roof installation. The best roof warranties only come from preferred contractors – those who earn a status of distinction with their manufacturer partners. Skywalker Roofing offers lifetime workmanship warranties and true 50-year, non-prorated warranties for labor and materials on installations! We even offer a 2-year warranty on our roof repair services. If you’re located anywhere in our VA service area, then Skywalker is clearly THE best roofing contractor for you!

We sure do. Skywalker understands that southern VA weather can be unpredictable, and we’re able to provide roof repair services whenever you need them most – including after an extreme weather event. Our team can offer a fast response in the form of a quick roof assessment and inspection to help prevent any further damage. We know how to help expedite your insurance claim too, thus avoiding any unnecessary stress or paperwork. We’re here to help whenever you need us!

Skywalker is a local roofing professional, with an office right here in Roanoke. And unlike some other roofing contractors you may have encountered, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured to offer you timely roofing services with peace of mind. We’re a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, and we also specialize in custom metal roofing and other popular roofing materials. Give us a call!

In the early days of metal roofing, there weren’t a whole lot of color choices or profiles available. But thanks to advances in metal roofing engineering and coating technologies, your range of options has gotten a whole lot wider. Skywalker can partner with you to create pretty much whatever custom look you want for your metal roof.

Quite a bit longer, honestly. A well-installed metal roof fabricated with quality materials is truly a lifetime roof solution. The metal substrate itself shouldn’t wear out within your lifetime, as long as it’s covered with a good paint/protection system. An asphalt shingle roof will typically need to be replaced 2-4 times before you ever have to even think about replacing a Skywalker metal roof!

That’s a fair question, because the weather in mountains and foothills of VA can certainly be unpredictable! While we can’t control what the weather does, Skywalker can assure you that we’ll make sure your roof gets properly covered in the event of an unforeseen weather intrusion. If we have to put your roofing service on pause due to weather conditions, we’ll make every effort to protect your people and your property first.