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Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season
By Admin | Roofing Contractors

Tryin’ to Reason with Hurricane Season If you’re a resident of the Southeastern United States, then chances are very good you’re familiar with a particular songwriter and performer by the name of Jimmy Buffett. His unique, island-themed songs became very popular during the 1970s, and his...

A Cool Roof Can Help Keep Your Home Cooler & Save You Money!
By Admin | Roofing Contractors

A Hot Roof = A Hot House! If you’ve ever been up on or near your roof on a sunny summer’s day, you know it gets hot up there. And while roofing materials are designed to handle the heat, prolonged hotter temperatures will likely shorten the lifespan of your roof.And here’s another sober...

Now That You’ve Decided to Replace Your Roof, What’s Next?
By Admin | Roofing

Congratulations on making a great decision! Replacing your old or damaged roof is really one of the smartest investments you can make to protect your home and all of its precious contents. One common question that homeowners have at this stage is simply, “What’s next? Is there anything I should...

By Admin | Roofing

Algae and Your Roof – What’s the Story? You’ve surely seen it in your neighborhood – ugly dark streaks on a home’s shingle roof. What causes these black marks to appear and then spread? It’s not because something is leaching out of the shingles. What’s happening is there’s actually...

Brighten Up Your Commercial Space with Some Skylights
By Admin | Skylight Installation

Been looking for a way to freshen up and lighten up your business or office environment? Sure, you could install more artificial lighting, but will that really improve the atmosphere of your space? Or is there perhaps a more effective solution that would also prove to be more cost-efficient over...

What Are the Best Materials to Choose for Your Commercial Roof?
By Admin | Roofing Contractors

Focus on Commercial Roofing Commercial roofing requires a different kind of approach than residential roofing. Unlike most home roofs, a commercial roof is usually designed to cover a much larger building. High-pitched roofs aren’t common in these situations, as they’re more expensive to build...

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?
By Admin | Roof Maintenance, Roofing Contractors

“Should I Stay, or Should I Go?” – Your Roof So, you’re putting your house up for sale. Congratulations! One question that comes up quite a bit when it comes to putting a home on the market is this: What do I need to do about my roof? Should I repair it, replace it, or just try selling the...