House styles around the world

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House styles around the world
April 18
By Luke Wilson |



Throughout human history, people have been fabricating shelters to fit their culture, climate, and surroundings. For many of us, a home is a four-walled building mounted on a permanent foundation. But across the globe, people define home in many ways, built from any number of locally-available materials in all sorts of regionally unique styles. Let’s look at just a few:


EUROPE: The trullo of Italy is a traditional stone hut built with a conical roof. These quaint, distinctive homes were most popular during the 19th century, and coincided with the rise of wine growing in the Itria Valley.


RUSSIA: The izba is a traditional Russian countryside dwelling, often built as a style of log cabin since its inception hundreds of years ago. Izbas often featured rich wooden carving decoration around windows, and almost always featured a Russian oven in the center of the living space.


ASIA: The minka (literally translated “house of the people”) of Japan are common houses built according to one of Japan’s several traditional building styles. Despite the wide variety of styles and floor plans, almost all minka are constructed on a frame of wooden posts and beams.


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