Choosing the Right Metal Roof Colors for Different Architectural Styles

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Choosing the Right Metal Roof Colors for Different Architectural Styles
October 30
By Luke Wilson |

If you’re considering a metal roof, there’s a lot to like about the many advantages of metal as a roofing material. Plus, there are perfect metal roof colors for nearly every major home style. Ready to learn more? Check out the helpful infographic presented by Skywalker Roofing!

We survey many popular home styles, and take a closer look at which colors work best for different home exteriors. Here’s a sampling of the home styles we cover:

1. Ranch Homes

These single-story homes are still the most popular style in America today. A lighter roof color is usually a better choice to keep your Ranch home from looking too “squished.”

2. Modern Homes

The “Modern” style of architecture features clean, geometric lines with roofs that are relatively low-pitched. By choosing a bolder roof color, you can help accentuate the home’s lines and create some contrast with the siding.

3. Tudor Homes

The Tudor home features steeply-pitched, multi-gabled roofs and decorative half-timber framing. The steep roof pitch of this home style is well-suited for rainy or snowy conditions. Good metal roof colors include brown, buff, cream, white, and green.

4. Colonial Homes

The Colonial-style often includes evenly spaced windows, shutters, and columns. Traditional grays, browns, blues, and blacks serve to enhance the classic look of these homes.

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