Now That You’ve Decided to Replace Your Roof, What’s Next?

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Now That You’ve Decided to Replace Your Roof, What’s Next?
May 20
By Luke Wilson | Roofing

Congratulations on making a great decision! Replacing your old or damaged roof is really one of the smartest investments you can make to protect your home and all of its precious contents. One common question that homeowners have at this stage is simply, “What’s next? Is there anything I should be doing to get ready on my end?”

Great question! The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a reputable, local roofing contractor you can trust to take good care of you and your roof. Once you’ve addressed this all-important step first and gotten your roof replacement on the calendar, you’re ready to move forward!

How to Prepare for Your New Roof Replacement

  • Ask your roofing provider for their new roof readiness checklist

A reputable roofer should be able to provide you with their own checklist of things you should do to have your home and property ready for the day of your scheduled roof installation. That’s always a great place for you to start!

In the meantime, here are some other things you’ll want to take care of in the course of your countdown to a new roof:

  • Make plans for your children & pets

The roofing work zone itself is not a safe place for either children or pets to be around on the day of installation. And even if you can keep your kids and pets inside, the noise of tearing off an old roof and installing the new one can be a source of stress and anxiety for children and animals alike. Decide ahead of time how you want to prepare; this may actually be a great time for your children and pets to be able to spend the day with a family member, friend, or neighbor. If that ends up not being an option, try to figure out the quietest and least stressful place in your home where the kids and animals can hang out when it’s go time for your new roof.

  • Let your neighbors know ahead of time

It would certainly be neighborly of you to let the folks who live around you know about your upcoming roof installation. Your neighbors may have kids or pets they’ll want to make their own plans for, and they’ll appreciate the heads-up. Better to communicate up front, rather than having to make apologies after the fact. Plus, your neighbors should honestly be happy that you’re getting a new roof, since it will help to boost the curb appeal of the whole neighborhood!

  • Identify some accessible power outlets

Your roofers may need access to some electrical outlets to be able to operate some of their specialized equipment. Exterior outlets are obviously best, for them and for you. However, if there aren’t any exterior outlets easily accessible, think through which windows or doors you’d be willing to have some extension cords placed. Anticipating this ahead of time will help make installation day less stressful for you.

  • Do your mowing and pruning beforehand

Plan to get your mowing done by the day prior to install.Short grass won’t hide fallen nails and debris nearly as easily as tall grass does, which should help make cleanup go more smoothly once your roof is on. Also take note of any trees or shrubs in close proximity to your roof. It’s a good idea to make sure these are pruned or trimmed before the roofers arrive, so they’ll have plenty or room to work.

  • Clear the driveway

Speaking of having room to work, you’ll also want to make sure your roofers have easy access to your home and roof. Make plans to move your vehicles out of the way on installation day. Your roofers will want to park as close as possible for several reasons. They’ll need to be able to get to their tools easily, and they’ll also need space for collecting old roof debris, loading new roofing materials, etc.

  • Prep your home exterior & property

Conscientious contractors like Skywalker Roofing will go to great lengths to place protective tarps over any thing on the ground that could be affected while replacing your roof. It will help if you do a walk around ahead of time to help identify what needs covering. Anything that can be moved or removed ahead of time on your part (e.g. hanging plants, toys, grills, patio furniture, etc.) will make everything go better, too. And as far as the roof itself goes, if you have any external additions like a satellite dish installed, you’ll want to reach out to your service provider for specific instructions.

  • Cover your stuff in the attic

If you store valuable items in the attic, you might consider relocating them until after the new roof is put on. Once you’ve moved these items out, go ahead and throw a drop cloth, plastic sheet, or tarp over everything else. It’s pretty much inevitable that a roof replacement will create some extra dust and debris in your attic, so it’s wise to anticipate that and take some proper precautions.

  • Walk through your home’s interior

Finally, it’s a good idea to do a walk through of your home’s interior and take down anything fragile. The vibrations produced by having people tearing off your old roof and putting on a new one can travel down through your attic and walls. Better to be safe than sorry!Go through the level of your home directly beneath the roof and remove items from the walls. You might also consider taking down items on shelves or other places which aren’t firmly secured.

Choose Skywalker Roofing to Handle Your Roof Replacement

We said earlier that finding the right local roofer is the first and most important step in the whole process. You want to go with someone who’s well-respected in your community,who stands behind all their products and services, and who is known for their attention to detail and personalized customer service. A roofer like that honestly isn’t always easy to find!

Thankfully, if you’re located in the NC Piedmont Triad, Triangle, Charlotte Metro, or Roanoke, VA area, there IS one name you can trust – Skywalker Roofing! Want to learn more about what you can expect from Skywalker Roofing? Click here for more details!

If you’re ready to get started by scheduling a FREE home or business site inspection and consultation, just give us a call at +1 (336) 627-5596. We’d be glad to have the opportunity to show you the Skywalker Roofing difference!

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

Owner - Skywalker Roofing

Luke Wilson started working on roofs with his dad when he was a teenager, and eventually launched Skywalker Roofing in 2003. Skywalker operates in 5 locations across NC & VA, and now includes windows, siding, and other exterior services. Luke also hosts the popular Roofing Mythbusters series on YouTube.

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