Considering a Metal Roof? Here Are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing!

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Considering a Metal Roof? Here Are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing!
April 1
By Luke Wilson | Metal Roofing, Roofing Contractors

Things to Consider When Considering a Metal Roof

Perhaps you’ve been considering a metal roof. You may have heard that metal roofing is a more durable solution which requires less maintenance than a shingle roof. Or perhaps you just like the signature look and appeal of a metal roof. But still, you may have some questions. At Skywalker Roofing, we understand! Choosing the right roof installation or roof replacement is a significant investment, and it pays to do some research ahead of time. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about metal roofing, along with some helpful answers for you to consider.


Metal Roofing FAQs and Answers!

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers!Here are some things we’re often asked by both homeowners and business owners alike when it comes to metal roofs:

  1. Why should I consider having a metal roof?

There are really quite a few reasons, but we’ll just name a few. Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and profiles, is noncombustible, sheds rain, snow, & ice well, and is resistant to wind, hail & lightning. It’s also incredibly durable. A well-installed metal roof can last you a lifetime!

  1. What material options do I have with a metal roof?

There are several metal roofing options, with three of the most popular being aluminum, copper, and galvalume steel. Aluminum is the most economical, but is also the least rugged. Copper makes for a beautiful, long-lasting roofing material, but it also comes at a premium price. Galvalume steel is really a nice option because it’s strong, rugged, durable, and comes at a better price point than copper.

  1. How much does a metal roof cost?

Metal roofing isn’t the cheapest material option, but it’s a longer-lasting roof investment that needs little maintenance. The final price of a metal roof will be based on several factors, including the square footage of the roof surface, the roof pitch, the number of special roof features present (like chimneys, fans, and vents), the type of metal, and the roofing design you choose.

  1. How long will a metal roof last?

The metal substrate should last you a lifetime as long as it has a good paint/protection system on it. Some metals may need to be refinished over time. Most problems that occur with metal roofs result from workmanship issues, and not from the product itself.

  1. How loud is a metal roof during a rainstorm?

Metal roofs have a distinctive sound that many actually find to be soothing when it rains. How loud a metal roof gets is usually determined by what lies directly underneath the metal. Solid sheathing tends to be quieter than having spaced boards. Think of it like this – if you tap on an empty metal can, it can be loud. But if you tap the can when it’s full, the contents of the can help to deaden the sound. To that effect, how much insulation you have in your attic will also have a big impact on how much noise you hear underneath.

  1. Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?

Yes! Metal reflects solar radiation better than other roofing materials, which helps to keep your structure cooler in the summer. Metal roofs are also a perfect base for solar panel installation, if you’re looking for more ways to reduce your energy dependency. In addition, metal roofing includes a percentage of recycled materials, and the roof itself is almost 100% recyclable. A metal roof is actually one of the “greenest” roofs there is!

  1. What’s the warranty like on a metal roof?

Like other industries, the warranties available depend somewhat on the specific metal you choose, and who the product manufacturer is. What the metal itself is covered with will help determine the warranty length as well – for example, a galvalume steel substrate coated with Kynar 500 will certainly outperform other comparable metal roofs. Pay attention to your roofing contractor’s workmanship warranty as well; some roofing providers stand behind their work much better than others!

  1. How will a metal roof affect my property insurance?

Metal is actually one of the few roofing materials that can help to lower your insurance premiums. Many insurers will offer a preferred rate if you have a metal roof, thanks to metal’s resistance to fire, termites, and other pests.

  1. Can I walk on a metal roof?

You certainly can – a metal roof is strong and durable, and is actually more resistant to foot traffic than a shingle roof. If you do choose to walk on your roof, just be sure to wear slip-resistant shoes. And if your roof is wet or icy, it’s best to wait until it dries before venturing out on it, or just call a licensed professional to come out and take a look.

  1. How do I choose a metal roofing contractor?

There are lots of local roofers who can nail a shingle, but there aren’t many local providers with the specialty tools, training, and expertise needed to be able to handle working with metal roofing with the necessary care and precision. Ask around to find out who others in your area recommend before choosing a metal roofing contractor. Another good place to check for unbiased customer reviews is Guild Quality, one of the most respected home construction and home improvement contractor review forums around!


Got More Questions? Reach Out to Skywalker Roofing for Answers!

If these FAQs didn’t answer all your questions, the pros at Skywalker Roofing would be glad to help address any other things you’re curious about when it comes to metal roofing.

And while choosing the right roofing material is important, it’s even MORE important that you choose a roofing contractor you can trust! If you’re looking for a local, manufacturer-authorized,roofing provider that really stands behind everything they do, look no further than Skywalker Roofing!

Skywalker Roofing is the premier roofing contractor serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Triangle, Charlotte Metro,and Roanoke, VA areas.  And not only can we provide you with a top-notch custom standing seam metal roof, we also offer great financing options! We’re here to help you meet both your metal roofing needs, as well as your budget!

Reach out to us today by calling +1 (336) 627-5596, and let one of our friendly experts answer your questions about metal roofing. Or if you’re ready to get started, let us go ahead and schedule your FREE home or business inspection and personal consultation. It would be our honor to have the opportunity to show you the Skywalker Roofing difference – let us provide you with the last roof you’ll ever need!

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