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The Best Ways to Handle Unexpected Roof Emergencies
By Luke Wilson | Roofing

Having the Right Roof Makes a Big Difference It could be argued that having a quality roof in place is every bit as important as having a quality foundation for your home or business structure. Here are just a few reasons why: 1. Protection & Support A roof is more than just an essential...

What’s the Real Cost of Roof Replacement?
By Luke Wilson | Roofing, Roofing Contractors

An obvious question that most every homeowner and business owner asks at some point is this: “What will it cost me to replace my roof?” That’s a good question, and it’s also an honest question. But in order to truly understand the answer to this question, you also need to ask yourself a...

A Copper Roofing Guide for Homeowners
By Luke Wilson | Roofing

Copper: The Gold Standard of Metal Roofing Materials Metal roofing continues to grow in popularity across America. In fact, most roofing practitioners will tell you that metal roofing is the fastest-growing area in the residential roofing sector. Many folks like hearing the pitter-patter of...

By Luke Wilson | Roofing

Algae and Your Roof – What’s the Story? You’ve surely seen it in your neighborhood – ugly dark streaks on a home’s shingle roof. What causes these black marks to appear and then spread? It’s not because something is leaching out of the shingles. What’s happening is there’s actually...