Be Sure to Include Your Roof on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Be Sure to Include Your Roof on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist
March 10
By Luke Wilson | Roofing

Spring has sprung!

Granted, we’re not quite to the first “official” day of spring yet, but it’s honestly felt like spring in North Carolina and Virginia for a while now. We may have to endure a few more cold snaps over the next month or so, but for all intents and purposes, spring is already here. That means it’s also time to make plans for some spring cleaning.

For most folks, “spring cleaning” usually refers to the changing of seasonal decorations, doing a little decluttering and reorganizing, and performing some deeper cleaning of areas that tend not to get touched over the rest of the year. That being said, you should make sure to also add your roof to your spring cleaning checklist.

Your roof should be included in your spring cleaning plans

What does your roof have to do with spring cleaning? Plenty.

Let’s say you cleaned the gutters after leaf season this past fall. That was a smart move on your part, but your gutters have likely accumulated some more debris since then. For example, there are Southeastern tree species (like oaks) that don’t shed all of their leaves in the fall. Some trees will hold onto their old leaves right up until the new buds form in the spring.

The winter season can also produce its own set of negative impacts. Winter storms can drop branches and other debris on your roof, so spring is really an appropriate time to check on the condition of your roof and gutters, and perform a little timely maintenance.

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Here’s a good spring cleaning checklist for your roof

Showing your roof some TLC in the spring can pay real dividends down the road. Many experts say you should clean your gutters with every change of season, and that includes the advent of spring. The more you stay on top of keeping your roof and gutters clear, the better off you’ll be. And the earlier you’re able to detect any roof issues that may need addressing, the more options you’ll have for addressing them. Here are a few things you should include on your spring roof cleaning checklist:

» Pruning of nearby vegetation

You want to make sure that no overhanging tree branches can endanger your roof. You should consider pruning any branches that come into close proximity to your building. This help protects your roof from debris impacts, and can also help to minimize the amount of leaves that might make their way into your gutters. In addition, it’s generally healthy for trees and large shrubs to have any dead or dying branches pruned in early spring.

» Do a quick clean-out of your gutters

Even if you cleaned out your gutters in the fall, it’s amazing to see what can accumulate in your gutters over the course of winter. Shingle granules can break loose in any season, and that includes winter storms, too. The best way to get your gutters ready for the warmer months is to make sure they’re clear to begin with.

» Inspect your shingles or whatever roofing material you have installed

If you’ve got shingles on your roof, you definitely want to check for any excessive granule loss. If too many granules have been shed, your shingle roof performance can become compromised. Also, check for any shingles that may be warped, damaged, loose, or missing altogether. And even if your roof is covered with a different type of roofing material, now is a great time to assess the overall condition of your roof.

» Check your seals and flashing

Make sure to look for any broken seals along your roof’s connection points, as well as around any flashing. Take a look at the flashing itself, too. Flashing is made of metal, and metal flashing can become eroded, rusted, or even worn out over time. And if you happen to see any exposed underlayment or decking, it’s definitely time to consider a roof replacement.

» Check the attic, too

Your attic is directly tied to your roof, so that’s another area you’ll want to inspect. Looking at your roof from underneath is a good way to help identify any problems that may need addressing. Everything should look and feel dry in your attic. If you see any water damage or moisture stains, that almost certainly means you have a roofing problem. The presence of mold or mildew is also a good indicator that you have an unwanted moisture infiltration issue. And if you’re able to notice any of the sun’s rays peeking through your attic, that means you also have a gap in your roof that requires attention.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned issues, schedule a professional roof consultation
Doing a regular self-check and providing ongoing maintenance for your roof is a wise practice to follow. But unless you’ve had specialized training and experience, you could still be missing something important. It’s best to find local roofing contractors or roofing companies you can trust. If you suspect that you might need the help of some professional roofers, then there’s really only one name to trust in North Carolina and Virginia: Skywalker Roofing!

Looking for the best roofing company in NC and VA? Look to Skywalker.

If you suspect you really need some roof repair or a roof replacement, it’s time to call Skywalker Roofing! Skywalker provides comprehensive residential and commercial roofing services for the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and southern VA region all the way up to Roanoke. Nobody takes better care of you than Skywalker, and we offer complete repair, replacement, and installation services. Considering the many benefits of metal roofing? We manufacture and install custom standing seam metal roofs, too!

We’ve been roofing homes and businesses around NC and VA for twenty years, and we can take care of your needs too. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the more than 1000 five-star reviews that our customers have left for Skywalker on Guild Quality!

Give us a call today at +1 (336) 627-5596, and let’s schedule your free personal consultation. Experience the Skywalker difference!

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

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Luke Wilson started working on roofs with his dad when he was a teenager, and eventually launched Skywalker Roofing in 2003. Skywalker operates in 5 locations across NC & VA, and now includes windows, siding, and other exterior services. Luke also hosts the popular Roofing Mythbusters series on YouTube.

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