Stoney Ridge Farmer – Worst Roof Install Ever!

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Stoney Ridge Farmer – Worst Roof Install Ever!
December 8
By Luke Wilson | Roofing

If you’re someone who looks to YouTube for video content about how to operate a small farm, you’ve very likely heard of @StoneyRidgeFarmer. Based in the foothills of northwestern North Carolina, the Stoney Ridge Farm publishes a regular stream of practical how-to videos about the many things it takes to keep a farm up and running. Folks really seem to resonate with the content too; at last check, the Stoney Ridge Farmer Channel was up to nearly 700,000 subscribers!

Needless to say, managing a farm on a daily basis can provide a wide assortment of challenges. And those challenges can get even more challenging whenever the weather turns bad. After a recent windstorm event, Josh of the Stoney Ridge Farmer came to a stark realization – he had botched the roof installation on his farm homestead!

If you’ve ever had to endure a roof failure during a time when you really needed your roof the most, then you know how frustrating that can be. Whether you did the work yourself, or whether you paid someone else to do the roof installation, a premature roof failure is really no fun for anybody!

Fortunately for Josh, he was already acquainted with Luke Wilson, owner of Skywalker Roofing. Josh knew that Skywalker provides the best roof installation and roof replacement services in NC and southern VA, and he knew that it was time to call in a professional roofer for some help at the Stoney Ridge Farm.

But Josh didn’t stop at asking Luke to handle his roof replacement. Since Josh is all about providing quality YouTube content, he suggested that Stoney Ridge Farmer and Skywalker Roofing could partner to produce an educational how-to video to show folks the right – and wrong – ways to go about putting a roof that’s really made to last.

As it turns out, Luke is no stranger to publishing helpful, how-to video content, either. After all, @SkywalkerRoofingCompany produces its own Roofing Mythbusters Series that’s become pretty popular in its own right! So when Josh pitched his idea to make a video together with Luke, it just felt like a no-brainer.

We invite you to check out the video here:

In this video, we start by looking at what Josh did wrong in installing his shingle roof the first time. Luke then walks us through what a proper shingle roof replacement will entail for Josh’s farm home. The conversation starts on top of Josh’s roof, and then moves to the Skywalker Roofing workshop. Luke talks more about the respective benefits of both shingle roofing and standing seam metal roofing, and then he takes the time to demonstrate how both types of roofing systems should be properly installed. Josh then gets Luke to talk a bit about how he got into roofing, what Skywalker is all about as an organization, and about what Luke is doing to help folks through his nonprofit roofing endeavors.

We sure had a ton of fun making this video, and we hope you’ll find the information it contains to be helpful. Be sure to watch all the way through to see the Skywalker: Our Destiny video at the end, too – it’s got some great Skywalker-themed Easter eggs you’ll enjoy!

And if you’re like Josh and have come to the realization that you really need a new roof in North Carolina or southern Virginia, connect with us at Skywalker Roofing, or simply give us a call today at +1 (336) 627-5596. A Skywalker roof is the last roof you’ll ever need!

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

Owner - Skywalker Roofing

Luke Wilson started working on roofs with his dad when he was a teenager, and eventually launched Skywalker Roofing in 2003. Skywalker operates in 5 locations across NC & VA, and now includes windows, siding, and other exterior services. Luke also hosts the popular Roofing Mythbusters series on YouTube.

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